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Return Policy

We take great pains to bring you the best fashion jewlery designs at the lowest possible price and with excellent quality. Each fashion jewelry item is a work of art and significant effort is put in by the team before an item is published for sale. Due to the very nature of fashion jewlery there could be minor defects on an item but which do not affct the wearability of the item in any way.

Our returns policy is as follows:

We ensure that important details of each item such as the item length, item width, and item color are provided along with the product image. Please check for these details before placing your order. Please email us immediately at [email protected] in case you require more information about any item before you place your order.

We will NOT accept return of items for reasons such as too big in size, too small in size, the color is different than what I expected, too heavy to wear, too light to wear, and such. If you don't like a purchased item you can always gift it to someone you love! They'd love you for it.

We make every possible attempt to send your ordered items free from damage. However, in the very unlikely event that you receive a damaged item beyond wearability, we offer the following return policy:

1. You must send us an email to [email protected] within 24-hours of receiving the shipment.

2. Your email must clearly specify the Order ID as well as attach a photograph of the damaged item.

3. We will acknowledge receipt of your email within 24-hours of receiving your email.

4. We will investigate the issue and provide a response within 72-hours of receiving your email.

5. We do not provide a refund but will only provide a coupon code / store credit that you can redeem on your next order with us.

6. We do not offer an exchange facility.

When in doubt email us immediately at [email protected].